This interactive UPS sizing calculator will help determine the VA Load Rating of your equipment, evaluate your operating environment and make a recommendation on the most suitable type of UPS system.
Section 1: Load Values

Uninterruptible Power Supplies are sized according to the equipment they support. The selections below will assist you in calculating the 'VA' rating of your computer system.
AC Voltage:
Computer System:
Additional Peripherals

NOTE: Check any of the following equipment that is to be supported on the UPS system. It is not recommended to power such items as printers unless their function is mission-critical.

Additional IDE/SCSI Hard Disk Drives
RAID Subsystem & SCSI Disk Drives
External Removable Disk Drive (eg Zip)
External Hard Disk Drive (eg Jaz)
External Modem
External ISDN Adapter
Desktop Scanner
Network Router/Hub
Standard Dot Matrix Printer
Widesheet Dot Matrix Printer
Inkjet/Bubblejet Printer (Standard)
Commercial Colour Printer (High-end)
Typical Laser Printer
Commercial Laser Printer
Multifunction Office-in-One Peripherals
Multimedia Speakers (Standard)
Multimedia Speakers (With Subwoofer)
Other - Specify rating:
Expansion Margin

Decide how much room you will require for expansion purposes. Eg, 25% if you expect to add another 25% more load in the future. Remember, think ahead when sizing a UPS. Power requirements for computer systems normally grow as new peripherals come onto the market. Always go to the next size.

% Margin for Expansion

Click the button below to calculate your load rating and recommended UPS system sizes.

Estimated Load Rating:
Minimum UPS Size:
Recommended UPS Size:

Now go on to Section 2 to determine the best type of UPS to use. These figures will be used below.
Section 2: Level of Protection Questionnaire

Different classes of UPS give different levels of protection so which one do you need? The following questionnaire analyses the major factors for consideration when selecting a UPS.
Q1. If power fails and data is lost or equipment damaged:
Will it be inconvenient?
Yes   No
Will it cost a considerable amount of money in down time?
Yes   No
Is the equipment or system mission critical?
Yes   No
Q2. Environment
Do you ever power your equipment from a generator?
Yes   No
Do you or your immediate neighbors have any of the following:
Large electric motors
Refrigerators (commercial)
Do you regularly experience any of the following:
Power failure (monthly)
Lights dim (frequently during the day)
Lightning (remote or rural locations)
Selecting the correct type of UPS

Click 'Calculate Score' below to determine the level of protection required for your application.

Our Recommendation

Based on all the details above, Upsonic Power recommends the following UPS system for your requirements. Please contact Upsonic Power on 1800 634 307 if this sizing guide is unable to find a UPS suitable for your requirements.