750VA to 2000VA

The DOMESTIC SERIES of UPS products from UPSONIC features 2 units, the Orion 750 and the Domestic. The DOMESTIC SERIES are coded with GOLD so you will easily be able to identify them.

These UPS are suitable for home computer; stand alone PC, Point of Sale equipment, small security installations, and places where ongoing power is less critical.

Here is a brief desciption of each unit.

Orion 750 UPS
The Orion 750 is a Line Interactive UPS which provides Green Power Backup for Personal Computers, Peripherals and Modem/Phone Systems.
DSV Series - 600 to 2000VA Line Interactive UPS
The DSV Series UPS offers a high quality, compact, versatile and affordable protection system for workstations, small business, POS equipment, Rollers Shutters, Pc's etc.
The GD UPS is a high quality, compact and affordable UPS suitable for WORKSTATIONS, SMALL BUSINESS, POS EQUIPMENT and ROLLER WINDOW SHUTTERS.
Game UPS - 1000 to 2000VA Line Interactive UPS
The Game UPS is a high quality, compact and affordable system for the serious Gamer. With a voltage surge/spike suppressor and noise filter, the Game UPS provides continuous power protection under a wide range of operating conditions.