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UPS System
Whatever the application, be it a large computer room environment or a stand alone PC at home, or perhaps even an industrial site with PLC equipment and electric motors, from Domestic UPS to Industrial UPS. Upsonic Power has the perfect UPS solution to fit your needs.
Phase Driver UPS
The Phase Driver UPS system provides 3 phase 415V power to operate roller doors, fire doors and shutters from a single phase 240V supply. The 240V supply can be backed up with a standard 240V UPS to ensure any critical application will continue to operate in the even of a power outage.
Surge Protection
Protects PCs, Peripherals and other Sensitive Electronic Devices against Power Surges, Spikes and Lightning Strikes.
Power Conditioner
The Upsonic Power Conditioner is a versatile voltage control system. It is useful where stable voltage is critical, but having battery backup is not required.
Software & Accessories
Upsonic Power have partnered with one of the world's leading manufacturers of UPS connectivity and monitoring products, to offer the latest, most advanced hardware and software solutions available in this specialised area.